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​BOISE, Idaho – Hungry Idahoans are getting some extra help this holiday season, as Stinker Stores completes its “Stomp Out Hunger” fundraiser for …


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Stinker Stores Raises $54000 for Idaho Families

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Idaho C-store proves a valued partner in fight against hunger. Hungry Idahoans are getting some extra help this holiday season, with Stinker.


Stinker Stores sets new record for the Idaho Foodbank and delivers more than $54,000 to Idaho families!

Stinker employees with Karen Vauk

BOISE – Hungry Idahoans are getting some extra help this holiday season, with Stinker Stores completing their “Stomp Out Hunger” fundraiser for 2014, raising $54,110 to help solve hunger in our state.

From November 7 to the 17th, Stinker customers were asked if they wanted to add a donation to The Idaho Foodbank. As they always have, the gracious people of Idaho stepped up and made the fundraiser a success. Customers donated $34,110 and Stinker Stores owners Charley and Nancy Jones matched donations with an extra $20,000. Together, the donations are enough to provide the food for 216,440 meals.

“The thing I enjoy most during the holidays is the time I get to spend with my family,” said Stinker Owner Charley Jones. “Idahoans should not have to worry about providing meals during a time that is meant for giving thanks and celebrating family. I’m pleased that our customers and employees helped deliver 216,440 meals this year to Idaho families, yet another Stinker Stores record,” Jones continued.

This year marks the most raised by the event, which started in 2011 with just under $12,000 being raised. In this month’s drive, Nampa’s Holly St. Stinker Store location led the way with $1,837 raised by its customers.

Stinker is also a major sponsor — through fuel donations — of the Foodbank’s Grocery Alliance Program. GAP brings in food donated by grocery stores that is near its sell-by date. The Foodbank’s GAP trucks, with fuel assistance from Stinker, are able to distribute the food quickly to partners, who in turn get it to hungry families.

“Stinker has stepped up as a true partner in the effort to solve hunger” said Karen Vauk, President and CEO of The Idaho Foodbank. “The food for 216,440 meals will be going to the people in the most need all over our state. We give thanks to Charley and Nancy and all the Stinker customers and employees who made this drive a success.”


Please see the Dropbox link for pictures from the check presentation at the Holly St. Stinker Store in Nampa:

The Idaho Foodbank is an independent, donor-supported, nonprofit organization founded in 1984, and is the largest distributor of free food assistance in Idaho. From warehouses in Boise, Lewiston and Pocatello, the Foodbank has distributed more than 135 million pounds of food to Idaho families through a network of more than 230 community-based partners. These include rescue missions, church pantries, emergency shelters and community kitchens. The Foodbank also operates direct-service programs that promote healthy families and communities through good nutrition.





Stinker Stores sells a willing Powerball Ticket!


BOISE — A 20-year-old man from Elko, Nevada is now a millionaire after hitting it big on the Powerball game.

Idaho Lottery officials say Cody Jueden claimed his $2 million prize Friday in Boise.

Jueden, who is a welder, was visiting Twin Falls last weekend with his fiancé, Brianna Benefield. Before leaving town on Sunday afternoon, he stopped at the Stinker Store at 880 Shoshone Street in Twin Falls to purchase a few Powerball tickets.

“It worked out pretty good, although I still don’t believe it,” said Jueden. “I’ve never seen so many zeroes before. This is a great opportunity for us.”

Jueden’s winning ticket matched the first five numbers but not the Powerball from Wednesday night’s draw. His winning Powerball ticket included the PowerPlay option, which doubled his prize to $2 million.

The couple plans to get married in Twin Falls a year-and-a-half.

Jueden says plans to use his winnings to pay off his house, truck, and then invest wisely for their life together.

Lottery officials say this is the second seven figure winning ticket sold at this Stinker Store location in the last two years. In February 2012, Bill and Mike Edson split a $1,000,000 Powerball prize.


For selling the winning ticket, Stinker Stores receives a $25,000 bonus from the Idaho Lottery.


There was no jackpot winner on Powerball Wednesday evening. The estimated Powerball jackpot for Saturday night’s draw is $125,000,000.


New Lottery Insta play commercial

instplayHyde Park Stinker Store team assisted the Idaho Lottery Commission in filming their latest commercial.

Check out the link below.  Way to go team!


Caught being great in August

8/14/14 – I wanted to say how much I appreciate Becki at your Orchard store. I pass 7 convenience stores on my way to work in the morning. I only stop at Stinker, because of her. She’s always happy, and engaging. I also appreciate that that store is one of the last stores in the valley that doesn’t have a machine that charges to fill car tires.

I just thought you should know, that you are doing a great job at that location, and the main reason I stop by several times a week, is because of the great service I get. While Becki is the one I see the most, the other ladies I see there are equally great.  Customer, Kevin Rank

8/20/14 – I love your Hyde Park location!!! The team that you have there is so friendly. My family especially loves Casey (the girl Casey as my son would tell you), is so genuine in all that she does. From the moment that you walk into the store with her greeting, the way that she engages with you is amazing. She gave my 4 year old son the opportunity to pretend to work there by letting him take my money and give me my change. He tells people that he works at Stinker Stores and when they get the look of confusion I get to explain and compliment how awesome our local gas station is. I am a retail store manager of a high retail store and we are customer service driven. We receive TONS of training around what it looks like to engage, connect and make the customer feel welcome, empowered and overall great. In my last training session with over 2000 people I was able to share my story about the fact that it doesn’t matter if you are selling high end or snacks and gas, the way that you make people feel makes the difference!  I talked about your store as the example. My kids beg me to go to Stinker Stores so they can see their Stinker friends. KUDOS to the entire team especially Casey!!  Customer, Christina

September Employee Spotlight

emmett girlsStinker-Emmett #76 located at 317 S Washington in Emmett has a great group of ladies; Manager Stephanie Van Meter, 7 ½ years, Asst. Manager Sandy Smith, 2 years, Kristina Angelo, 1 year 4 months, Darla Wintermote 4 months and Samantha Welch, 3 weeks.

These ladies have a lot in common.  They were all born in Idaho and live in or around Emmett except for Steph, who was born in Council Bluff, Iowa and recently bought a home in Caldwell.  They all love their animals:  Steph has a cat named Casper and raised pigs for 20 years before moving to Idaho; Sandy has a dog named Jackass; Kristina has a dog named Lowla and a cat named Tom; Darla has 3 horses, a flock of sheep, a turtle, a rabbit, 4 cats and 2 Border Collies; Samantha has a cat named Mavis.  Some are musical: Steph played the violin until 9th grade; Kristina plays the piano, cello, violin and sings; Darla played the trumpet.  Three are moms and grandmas: Stephanie has 4 children and 3 grandchildren; Chanel 4 ½, Asher 2 ½ and Everett 6 months; Sandy has 1 son and 1 granddaughter; Darla has 4 kids; Kristina and Samantha have no children at this time.  Stephanie and Samantha are both married; Stephanie for 7 ½ years, that’s what brought her to Idaho and Samantha was married on 10/10/13 and is the newlywed of the bunch.  She moved in with her new husband after 2 weeks of dating and they have been together ever since.  The other ladies are in long term relationships with their boyfriends; Sandy for 15 years, Kristina for 6 years and Darla for 13 years.

Besides being great at their jobs they also have a variety of other talents and interests.  Stephanie who grew up in Omaha, NE and studied Electronic Technology at SE Community College in Lincoln, NE enjoys gardening, puzzle art, treasure hunting with her metal detector and would someday love to live in the mountains when she retires.  Stephanie has also volunteered for many events with Stinker; Rake Up Boise every year, Meridian Speedway many times, and will cover any and all events if needed.  She said, “I love that I form a bond with my customers and working for Stinker has been wonderful.  People are interesting.  Take a few moments to get to know your customers and try to enjoy your job.”

Sandy was born in St. Maries and grew up in Plummer, Idaho.  She was a cosmetologist for 20 years and lived in McKenzie River, Oregon for 15 years before moving back to Idaho.  She said, “Love our customers and I work with wonderful people.”

Kristina grew up in Emmett and attended Emmett High School, Black Canyon High School and the College of Western Idaho-CWI in Nampa.  She would someday like to go to law school.  She enjoys singing, writing and reading.  She hopes to travel in the future and loves the ocean.  Kristina is a Shift Leader and said, “I love everything about my job.  I am always learning something new every day.  I love the people and my amazing Stinker TEAM!”  Her advice, “Stick with it.  There are great opportunities within Stinker.  They are an amazing company to work for.”

Darla was also raised in Emmett but lived in Sun Valley for 10 years where she attended Wood River High School in nearby Hailey.  She currently lives just outside Emmett on a farm which explains how she has room for all her beloved animals.  “My family and I love the outdoors anywhere from horseback riding and gardening to hunting, fishing and camping.”  One of her many talents and favorite is photography.  “I love to photograph our great outdoors with our beautiful wildlife here in our great state.”  Someday she hopes to become good enough to have her pictures published in National Geographic.  Darla is the Gem County 4-H Leader in photography, sheep and soon leadership.

Samantha is the newbie on the block.  She was born in Mountain Home and raised in Meridian.  She attended Eagle High School and CWI in Nampa.  Here interests are reading, gaming and Pinterest.  She hopes to someday get her degree.

Well that’s the Emmett Stinker Crew so now that you know their names and little about them go by and say hi to these friendly country girls!


Caught being great in July


7/10/14Stinker-Emmett # 76, I would like to make a comment on how well I love the staff in Emmett.  The store location is on Washington.  The staff is so friendly and super helpful.  I just wanted to compliment the them all.  Sincerely, Raileen Barton

7/11/14Bridget Jennings & Stinker #78 Team in Donnelly:  Doug Smith shared with me your fantastic sales results for the July 4th weekend.  WOW!!!  Each of you can be justifiably proud of the great sales you produced.  I am grateful for your positive attitudes and your commitment to outstanding customer service.  I know your sales success was not achieved through just the hard work you did July 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.  There was lots of advanced work done to stock the store properly prior to the biggest sales weekend of the year.  Great job!  Thank you!  Charley Jones, President/Owner

7/22/14Stephanie Parke, Manager #22 & Michelle Messick, Manager #102: I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate your hard work and leadership within your stores. Your stores were selected by the Boise Police to participate in an external compliance check. Each store passed as demonstrated by the attached letter. Thank you for not only protecting our company and its social image, but for protecting our customers too. At Stinker we feel the social responsibility of selling alcohol in a compliant and safe manner is one of most importance. Thank you both for all you do. Please congratulate your teams on behalf of the Senior Leadership of Stinker Stores.

Paragraph from the Boise Police Department Letter to Charley Jones on July 14, 2014:

Congratulations and thank you for your efforts leading to your recent success in passing an alcohol sale compliance check conducted at 3203 N Cole Road and 1500 S Cole in Boise on 6/28/14.  Your employees refused to sell alcohol to our underage buyer.  Hiring, training, and supervising responsible staff is essential to keeping your business in compliance with the laws and ordinances regulating the sale of alcohol.  We appreciate the work you have put into this important part of your business.  Responsible alcohol sales businesses are a respected part of our business community and your efforts to help us keep alcohol out of the hands of youth are appreciated.

7/31/14 – Stinker-Bliss #74, We have stopped at the Stinker store in Bliss in the past and had found it unclean, not a friendly place. While on a motorcycle ride in July of this year we met a friend there. While waiting we decided to go in for refreshments. Wow what a difference, clean, well-organized friendly staff. My congratulations to the manager. We will be stopping there again on our travels.

August Employee Spotlight

bridgettBridget Jennings is an Idaho girl, born in Gooding, raised in Bliss with her younger brother John and graduated from Bliss High School.  She is also a Stinker girl and just celebrated her 20th Anniversary on July 15, 2014.  Bridget started as a cashier in Bliss in 1994, working there for about 6 years.  When a manager position opened in Boise at Cole & Victory, Bridget was asked to come to Boise and check it out.  She had only been to Boise a couple of times in her life.  She said she came and looked at the store and said it looks great, she was offered the job on the spot, which was a Wednesday, and asked to report to work on Monday.  She had to get moved and ready to start as a new manager, in a new city, in just few short days.  She said it was a little scary but she loved the challenge.  Since then, she has managed the Vista and Apple stores in Boise and is currently the manager in Donnelly.  You could say Stinker is in her blood as most of her family at one time or another has worked for Stinker; her grandma, mom, aunt, uncle, cousin, niece and her significant other of 10 years, David.  Bridget has done a lot for Stinker through the years; she even helped write the first Manager’s Manual and is always willing to help out where needed.  She was huge help during the Albertson’s acquisitions and purchase of Flying J in Lewiston, where she spent a month, when the current manager Shawn, her aunt, was dealing with a sick spouse. Bridget is a huge asset to Stinker and all you have to do is ask her and she’ll get it done!  Thank you for all you do!

Bridget has 4 beautiful daughters; Ashley 22, Savannah 18, Emily 6 and Lexi 4.  Ashley has also given her a grandson, Grayson, who is 1 and can say, “Hi Grandma”.  Bridget said her youngest Lexi is still trying to get the concept of being an aunt, she tells her she wants to be a ladybug instead.   Bridget and David make their home on the outskirts of McCall.  They have 2 dogs; a Pug named Gizmo and a Maltese mix Missy.  Living in McCall you also get a lot of other animals in your yard; bear, foxes, raccoons and lot of deer.  When asked about her outdoor activities, she said she isn’t much of an outdoors person but does love to power wash anything.  She said she also learned how to run a skid steer backhoe while working on a ranch.  “When I first started with Stinker I was also feeding about 350 calves, I would have to drive up and down to feed them all.  Working both jobs was hard but I am proud to say I did it.  I also like to color and I don’t share my color books with my children.”


Bridget said she really enjoys all the people she works with and all the great customers.  Being a manager, has a lot of challenges but I love new challenges and am always looking for the next one.  Her advice to a new employee is to not stress too much and enjoy what you do.  “Everyone had to learn at one point or another.”



July Employee Spotlight

Cory and family








Cory Mooney started with Stinker 19 years ago auditing.  He has been a store Manager, RTM-Retail Territory Manager, IT Manager and is currently Director of IT.  Cory attended Centennial High School and BSU.  He has pursued Technical Certifications – Comp TIA A+, Comp TIA Network+ and MCP.  “Stinker has been very supportive of my continued technical education.”  Cory said he enjoys the new people he has met over the many years working for Stinker.  “Stinker is truly a great place to work where you feel like you’re part of a family.”  His advice to a new employee, “Don’t be afraid of your own greatness.  I personally know quite a few people who have had the courage to push forward toward their dreams even when they didn’t feel especially confident.  Not only did they make amazing progress, but also built their confidence along the way.”

Cory was born in La Grande, Oregon and moved to Boise when he was 4 years old.  He has one older sister.  Cory’s junior year at Centennial he met his future wife Heather.  They have been married 21 years and have 3 children; Paige 19, Blake 17 and Sarah 15.  They also have an 11 year old black lab named Simba who has retired from hunting with Cory and is now spoiled rotten by Heather.  Cory enjoys skiing, golfing, fishing, hunting and camping.  Two years ago he learned to surf behind a boat from his cousins buddy Scott Campbell, the Captain of the Seabrook on the Deadliest Catch who they vacation with at least once a year.  Cory said, “We enjoy spending time with our kids as they are turning into young adults.”  They make their home in Meridian.

Cory has a special connection to Stinker that you may not know.  His wife Heather is the daughter of Scott Lind and granddaughter of the founder of Stinker Stores, Farris Lind.  Farris founded Stinker in 1936, that’s 78 years ago.  Pretty cool